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Creating the Pool

Pools are created using the free app from Apple or Google Play. Creating the pool is done by completing a few game details.  The pool is created for you and hosted on the E-Z-Football Pool website. A link to the page is sent to you. You invite people to play by sending the link to them.

Players Enter Initials

Players point and click the squares they want to enter their initials. The pool is hosted on a dynamic web page so many people can choose squares at the same time.

Manage the Game

The site notifies the game manager when everyone has entered their picks. The game manager then clicks the random numbers button that places random numbers across the top and bottom. As soon as the random numbers are drawn, an automated email is sent to all the players letting them know the numbers have been drawn.

The Easy Way to Create Football Pools!

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Manage the Game



Football Pools (Pots) are a great way to add extra fun to football games or the Super Bowl. Basically players pick from a grid of 100 squares. Once all the Squares are filled up, numbers from 0 to 9 are drawn across both axis of the grid. At the end of each quarter, the last number from each teams score is used to find the matching square. The person who has initials in that square is the winner. It is pretty easy to play. The app is fairly simple. Read on to find out exactly what features are included in this free game.

Create a Game

Click the Create Game button and fill in the required information for each game. After you create a game, it will show up in the Game Manager. In the game manager, select a game to open up the pool. Your screen will look and act slightly different than the screen that the players see.

You can click on a chosen square to see the name of the player and their email address.

Optionally, you can also mark the player as Eligible or Ineligible: Eligible will mark that players square a different color on your screen. Ineligible will DELETE that person’s information from the square and allow someone else to select that square. You should only use the ineligible button if you are certain you want to delete that person’s information from the square.

In the game manager, you select the option under a game to COPY the link to the game. You then text, post, or email the link to the players.

Limit Squares

By default, the app let’s people enter their name in as many squares as they want (100). If you want to limit the number of squares a person can pick, change the number from 100 to the number you want. NOTE: You must do this during the initial game set up.

Sponsor the Game

This is optional. For only .99 cents, you can remove the image at the top of the game. You can type a personal message to the players or add an image (maybe a business logo if you are using the game as a promotional tool for your best clients.)

Randomly Drawing the Numbers

After all 100 squares are completed, you click the button on the game to randomly draw the numbers across the side and top. 

Adding the Scores

During the Game, you will want to add the scores to the football pot. The cells that correspond with the winning numbers will show as highlighted. 

Ending the Game

Once you place in the final score and the game is over, click the Announce Winner to close the game. You will receive an email with the list of all the players.




E-Z-Football Pool hosts your football pool for free on the website. However, you can choose to pay the .99 cents to sponsor a game which will remove any generic ad from the game. Sponsoring FREE games with prizes is great for:

  • Showing Customer Appreciation
  • Greeting New Customers
  • Providing Employee Appreciation
  • Supporting a Local Charity Event
  • Having Fun with Family and Friends
  • Hosting Special Super Bowl Parties

Football Pools are one of the easiest and fun ways to increase customer loyalty.  If you sent all of your customers a dollar, they wouldn’t be impressed.  But if you give 100 customers a chance to win a $25 gift certificate, dinner, discount, or some other prize, they would feel appreciated.  They not only have fun playing the game, but they can tell their friends about you as well.  To make sure your name is in front of all the players playing the game and that you get the most out of your advertising and promotion dollars, we let you sponsor the advertisement at the top of the page. After you make the 99 cent in-app purchase, you can change out the current image ad with one of your own, replace the advertisement with a text message, or remove the ad completely.


Ways to Sponsor

From within the app, click the Sponsor command located on top of the current ad. After confirming the charge of only .99 cents, the generic ad will be removed. You have the option to:

  • Upload an Image of Your Own (with optional link to your website)
  • Entering a text message (up to 100 characters)
  • Leave the ad space blank